Lucify is a command included in the Lucypocalypse gamepass, which, when used, causes certain commands to be "Lucified." The effects of Lucification vary, usually adding Lucy into the chosen command.


All of the commands listed are affected by the Lucify command.

Voice Commands:

  • Tardis (Lucy wears a fez, the Doctor is knocked out)
  • Time Machine (adds two Lucys inside the time machine.)
  • Workbench (adds three Lucys around the table.)
  • Lemonade Stand (adds Lucy standing in the bawx, holding out a glass of lemonade.)
  • Campfire (adds seven Lucys sitting around the fire.)
  • Picnic (adds lots of Lucys!)
  • RV

Zee Bawx Commands:

  • Royal Cake (replaces the top of the cake with lucy.)

Valian Commands:

  • Valian King (replaces the king with lucy.)
  • Anti-Titan Summoning Circle (replaces cultists with lucy worshippers.)
  • First Valian (adds "get well soon" card)
  • Alvion Statue (adds crying lucy)

Moosicorn Commands:

  • Crystoh

Hollywood Commands:

  • Red Carpet (makes carpet fur-patterned)
  • Ticket Booth (adds lucy inside booth)
  • Hollywood Sign (adds "lucy" covering "holly" in "hollywood")
  • Stage (adds a band of lucys)

Extra Commands:

  • Gingerbread House (replaces with a fat lucy)
  • Train Station (replaces noobs with lucys)
  • Bawxling Ring (replaces bawxs with lucy)
  • Sleepy Time Bed (adds lucy in bed)
  • Cereal (adds lucy eating cereal)

Become Commands:

  • UFO
  • Mammoth
  • Chair
  • Slenderman (adds lucy on back)
  • Tank
  • Weeping Angel (weeping lucy)
  • Become Whale


  • Dollface
    • Though now defunct, saying Lucify while Dollface was spawned would cause an interesting reaction from Lucy, who would yell "What? What is that noise? Stop making that noise! Stop! Shut up!"