Shards are objects that appear throughout the game.

They come in multiple colors and sizes, and each give a certain amount of shards (exception: Cow Shards do not give any shards).

If you touch a shard, you will be given the value of the shard, and then another shard will appear, with a beacon appearing over them briefly with the same color of the shard spawned.

Regular Shards give a single shard, and are red.
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Super Shards give 10 shards, are blue, and are larger than regular shards.

Void Shards give 40 shards, are black, and are larger than Super Shards.

Cow Shards are white with black dots, and are unique in the way that they do not give shards. Instead, you are given the Cow Shard itself. If you are holding the Cow Shard when you obtain the Tortisu Tul Yon from the "gears" command, you will instead be given the Tortimoo Cow Yon.

Ghosted Shards are white in color, and can be of any type of other shard, including Trap Shards. The amount of shards they give is a variable.

Trap Shards are unique, because they TAKE AWAY shards from you. They are red and have the same size as Regular Shards. They can be identified by their different particle effect and dark color. The precise amount of shards they take are unknown.

The Ghosted Shards, however. They give a random amount of shards once you have activated each cross in spots. They are identified as any sparkle, from any shard.