Zee Bawx has a group used to show ranks of the users, announce events, submit commands and as a place for discussion, the ranks are

  • Fan
  • Uber Fan
  • Builder
  • Moderator
  • Special names
  • GMD


A fan is anyone who joins the group

They get access to the normal Zee Bawx group commands

Uber FanEdit

An Uber Fan is a fan that submits an idea or a command for zee bawx

They get access to the Uber Fan commands


A builder is someone who builds a command for Zee Bawx.

They get access to Builder commands.


A Moderator is someone who goes to Zee Bawx often and that GMD and whoever of his moderators and admins trusts.

They get access to moderator commands


An administrator is someone that GMD trusts.

They get access to administrator commands

Special NamesEdit

Some people have names in the group that are only for them, such as Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. They get commands from the rank they deserve, but have a different name.


GMD is the creator of Zee Bawx and has special commands that you can never get.